Christmas Music 24/7 Shutdown on Live365

I am sorry to have to announce the Christmas Music 24/7 has shut down all of its stations on the Live365 Network. I will be working in the coming months to start the stations up again elsewhere online. But it will take a lot of time to get that done.

The final playlist on the Traditional station was made up entirely of different versions of “Silent Night” and “Do You Hear What I Hear?”

Thank you for listening and your support over the years.

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2 Responses to Christmas Music 24/7 Shutdown on Live365

  1. John K says:

    I thank you for your broadcasting. I listened to the Christmas 24/7 Jazz (Instrumental and Jazz) station. I discovered it while living in the Pacific Rim for several years. Though the country I lived in actually did quite a bit for the season that pleasantly surprised someone with low expectations, there was no replacement I found for the music that I listened to in the USA there. This station not only helped in that regard, but gave me a new mix of music to listen to. Also the 24/7 year round aspect gave me the freedom to wind down the Christmas season at my own pace. Even in the USA, I was frustrated by Christmas music stations abruptly stopping the music on Dec. 26, which was sometimes about the first time I could really sit back and enjoy the holiday. Also after the first week in January I was not ready to be completely finished with it. I will certainly look forward to hearing that station again, however it happens.

  2. Stan Bozek says:

    I’m saddened to hear that Christmas 24/7 stations will no longer be on the Live 365 Network. Songs from my Christmas CD have been played on Christmas 24/7 for many years and for that, I’m extremely grateful. I enjoyed listening as well and not only during the Christmas season. I had planned on sending my new CD in soon to hopefully get some airplay on the Christian and Amazing Grace 24/7 stations. I hope the stations are able to make a comeback and wish you the best with that.

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