Music Submission

Free feel to submit your music for inclusion on a station but please read my list of tips for getting airplay. Also, please fill out a music submission form (available in Text and Word formats) and email it to me.

I prefer to receive CDs, as that allows me the most flexibility as to what kind of music I have available for listeners. It also gives me a backup in case my computers should all decide to die. Please do not send me audio files via email. If you only have MP3s, put them on a web site, and send me the link. Or burn the MP3s to a CD, and mail me the CD. If you email me music files, I will not play the song on my stations. That sounds harsh, but one day I received several hundred megabytes of MP3 files via email. If you don’t have a web site you can use to post your files (why don’t you have a web site?), I recommend DropBox. Dropbox makes it very simple to share files with others.

You may mail CD’s (with the music submission form) to:
Michael Clark
PO Box 21308
Roanoke, VA 24018

Note: Please do not mail CDs to me that require my signature on delivery. I recently wasted 45 minutes at the post office for one package. I also recently had to pay postage for a package. In the future, I will refuse delivery if I have to pay for partial postage.

I won’t promise to play all of your mailed music on one of my stations, but I will give it a fair shot. If I play your music, I will also link to your web site so listeners can learn more about you.

Be aware that I have to do a fair amount of processing of each song file. So if you send me a file encoded at 128kb, it will sound like garbage by the time I prepare it for broadcast. That’s why I strongly recommend you send me a CD. I can rip the CD and process it so it will sound good for broadcast. If you must upload MP3 files, please set them at a high bitrate, such as 320kbps, or upload a non-compressed file, such as a WAV or AIFF.